There are different types of sheeted roofs.
a. Corrugated sheeting: 
The roofing/side-cladding Corrugated 10.5 material is available in 0.5 mm / 0.58 mm / 0.8 mm with a galvanized finish of Z275 or with a Globalcoat™ finish to one or both sides.
The preferred thickness used in the industry is 0.5mm
The profile Is roll-formed with 10,5 corrugations at 76 mm centres giving The Profile a nett cover of 762 mm. The rib height is 7,5 mm.
When using Corrugated 10.5 sheeting, the recommended Roof Pitch minimum pitch for roof slopes in excess of 15 m is 10° and for slopes less than 15 m is 7,5°.
b .IBR sheeting: 
The profile has five trapezoidal ribs at 171,5 mm centres giving a nett cover of 686 mm with one stiffener rib in each pan (optional). The rib height is 37 mm. IBR may be used at a minimum roof pitch of 5° for sheet lengths up to 20m.
IBR sheeting can also be manufacture in a wider format called Widedek. In this format the effective coverage changes to 760mm.
Widedek can be used at a minimum of 7.5 degrees for spans less than 15m.
??c. Concealed fix sheeting:(Kliplok/ Kliptite / Saflok)
This type of sheeting is fixed with internal fixtures and also covers 700mm effective width.
The profile is roll-formed with ribs of 41mm high at 215mm centres.
The sheeting is manufactured according to the exact length required and no joining is needed.
This product can be ordered in either galvanized or chromadek(coloured) finish.